Our Functional Strength & Conditioning classes are the perfect combination of HIIT Style Training and Functional Body-Building without the technical movements of CrossFit. 

The FSC Program improves mobility, stability, strength and overall fitness.

If you are looking to improve your current fitness regime, want to improve your overall fitness levels or want to compliment your current sports training regime, then look no further!

What can you expect?

FSC methodology is based on the core principles of CrossFit, HIIT, and traditional Strength and Conditioning programs but the only difference is the level of skill and movements. The program focuses on improving your fundamental strength, core, stability and overall quality in movement. Become a better, healthier version of yourself!

Goal type:

General fitness 

Feel good naked 

Lose weight 

Basic Strength


Improve Mobility 

Improve movement quality



The Mona Gym is an affiliated CrossFit Gym, registered under CrossFit Mona Vale.

CrossFit is focused on "constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement".

Playing around with exercises such as calisthenics, Olympic-style weightlifting, powerlifting, Strongman, plyometrics, body weight exercises, aerobic exercise, running and much more. 

If you're looking for a program that challenges your body and learn new skills, this is perfect for you!  

What can you expect? 

Everyday is different. Each day will focus on different movements, skills and strengths. We work on squatting, deadlifting, Push & Pull movements, agility & flexibility and highly technical weightlifting movements.

Our daily workouts also work on different energy systems so you're not just working on your aerobic fitness, but also improving your anaerobic threshold. 

Fitness Goal Type:


Muscle Gain 

Toning & definition 

Overall improvement of fitness

Looking for something different and challenging 

Skill acquisition

Improve mobility & movement quality



Functional Movement Training is for those who may be new to functional fitness and want to stay fit, active and agile throughout their lifespan, in a safe environment with a community of like-minded people. 

Functional movement is defined as the ability to move from one place to another to complete an activity or task; the basic movements we perform on a day to day basis requires good core stability, trunk strength, spinal flexibility and dynamic balance. This class focusses on improving your general functionality. 

For you that means being able to perform daily tasks such as picking up a child or a heavy bag of groceries, reaching to get something off a high shelf, pushing a lawn mower or vacuum cleaner, pulling weeds, or playing golf or tennis. We do these tasks automatically until one day our knees ache when we get up off the floor, our shoulder seizes when we toss a ball or we feel that tweak in our backs as we bend over. When we experience pain we tend to move less which further inhibits our bodies to do what they were built to do which is to pull, push, lunge, hinge, rotate and walk. And when that happens we can no longer actively participate in life as we would like to.

Being functionally mobile is important throughout our life span and in our FMT class we aim to help you to become more confident in moving your body in a safe & healthy way. 

This program is best suited to (but not limited to) mature-age adults.

What can you expect?

A very fun and social class. You will be going through very basic, fundamental movements such body rotations, muscle activation and foundational movements (a basic squat, hinge and press). 

Each session is carefully programmed and easily tailored to suit each individuals needs and requirements. 

Fitness Goal Type:


Improve Mobility & Movement Quality

Basic Strength 

Improving Body Awareness 

Cardiovascular Health 

Building Movement Confidence 



With the ROMWOD program, you get instant access to daily videos to optimize your range of motion, improve mobility, and accelerate recovery.

The athlete-proven methodology is designed to progress anyone, at any fitness level, toward increased mobility. The program promotes longevity in body and mind through guided, 15 to 20 minute daily video workouts, clearly narrated with instruction and breathing cues designed to unleash your calm.

And bonus? All can be done from the comfort of your own home. 

 Access to this stretch & recover program comes FREE when you sign up to our BASIC or ULTIMATE membership.